PosiTector® 6000 Series
Rugged, fully electronic coating thickness gauge uses magnetic and eddy current principles to measure coating thickness on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals accurately and quickly.

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Made in the USA

Announcing the next generation
PosiTector PC Powder Checker

Non-contact Uncured Powder Thickness Gage

The next generation PosiTector PC Powder Checker affordably measures uncured powder coatings using non-contact ultrasonic technology to automatically calculate and display a predicted cured thickness. The PosiTector PC Powder Checker helps to control powder consumption to ensure adequate coverage and reduce waste.

Important New Features

  • WiFi, Graphics, Screen Capture and onscreen batch annotation
  • PosiTector PC body universally accepts all PosiTector 6000, 200, SPG, RTR, DPM and UTG probes easily converting from a uncured powder gage to a coating thickness gage, surface profile gage, dew point meter or ultrasonic wall thickness gage.
  • Now compatible with all PosiSoft solutions for viewing, analyzing and reporting data