Ultrasonic Calibration Blocks

Type 1 IIW (V1) and Type 2 IIW Blocks for calibration of transverse and longitudinal
wave distance setting determination and exact angle of propagationMade in the USA
Type B1 Angle Beam Block (V2),
Type DC Distance Calibration Block (Shear Wave),
Type SC Sensitivity Calibration Block (Shear Wave),
Type DSC Shear Wave Distance and Sensitivity Calibration Block,
Type DS Distance and Sensitivity Calibration Block,
Area Amplitude and Distance Amplitude Calibration Block Sets,
AWS Resolution Block to check angle beam transducer capabilities,
IOW Beam Profile Block for measurement of angle beam transducers,
NAVSHIPS Block for distance correction and sensitivity level,
Thickness Reference Step Blocks,

Standard blocks are Ni-plated C1018 steel and are provided with Hardwood Case (except step blocks) and NIST traceable Certificate of Conformance.

Blocks are also available in type 304 stainless steel or 7075 aluminum

Call for a Special Price on a 3-block Calibration Block Set. Includes IIW Type 1, B-1 Angle Beam and 5-step Thickness Reference Blocks