NDT 715 Thickness Gauge

The NDT 715 Thickness Gauge offers the same specifications as our field proven NDT-710 gauge. It is a small, hand held thickness gauge, only 2.5″W x 4.75″H x 1.25″D and weighing only 10 oz. It is designed to make reliable spot check measurements an has a SCAN MODE that will capture and display the thinnest measurement taken during a strip scan along a length of material. Housed in a extruded, anodized aluminum housing with nickel plated aluminum end caps and a weather resistant keypad the gauge is suitable for your toughest working condition. The NDT 715 is also more resistant to potential interference from RFI fields than plastic housed instruments.

Specifications NDT 715 Thickness Gauge

  • Principle: Ultrasonic Pulse-echo with dual element transducer
  • Range: 0.030 (0.75mm) to 19.99 (199.99mm) depending upon transducer used and material
  • Resolution: 0.001 (0.01mm)
  • Automatic linearity adjustment
  • Automatic Zero adjustment with transducer on calibration block
  • Automatic Shut-Off 2 minutes after last reading or last key press
  • Built in Probe Zero calibration block
  • Easy to read back lighted Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with Coupling Indicator
  • Instant switching between English or Metric measurement
  • Up to 75 hours continuous operation using alkaline batteries
  • Low Battery Indicator

Additional Information

  • Sound Velocity Range: 0.0492 to 0.3930 in/ms (1250 to 10,000 m/s)
  • Size: 1.7″ H. x 2.4″ W. x 4.75″ L (32mm x 62mm x 120mm)
  • Temperature Range: – 20 to 120 F (-20 to 50 C)
  • Weight: 10 oz. with batteries (284 grams)
  • Powered by two AA 1.5V alkaline batteries
  • 2 year warranty

Standard Kit Includes the NDT-715 Gauge with alkaline batteries, 1/4″ element diameter x 5.0 MHz Transducer on 4 foot long integral cable, 4 oz. bottle of ultrasonic gel Couplant, Operation Manual and padded nylon Carry Bag with shoulder strap.

Click for NDT-715 Overview .pdf flyer
Click for NDT-715 Manual .pdf version


Made in the USA

NDT 710 Model – no longer in production

The NDT 710 model is no longer in production, but since they were built to last like all the NDT International products, we still receive requests from existing clients for the user manual. Click to download Manual for NDT 710 model…