PHYSICAL: Size: 2.5 in. wide x 4.5 in. long x 1.25 in. deep (63.5W x 114.3L x 31.5D mm) Weight: 10 oz. with batteries (284 g) Weather resistant extruded aluminum housing with nickel-plated end caps 9 Key sealed membrane Keypad

CONFIGURATION: Hand-held module with micro-processor controls Echo-to-Echo mode provides the ability to measure the thickness of materials without removing the paint or coating.

MATERIAL USES: Calibrates for various steels, aluminum, glass and plastics

OPERATION: Measuring Range in mild steel Inches – 0.006 to 1.000 inch Metric – 0.15 to 25.40 mm Resolution – 0.0001 in or 0.001 mm Material Velocity Range – 0.492 to 0.3937 inches/micro sec (1,250 to 10,000 meters/sec.) Temperature Range: -20 to +120F (-30 to +50C)

POWER SUPPLY: (2) Size AA 1.5V alkaline or 1.2V NiCad Batteries Typically operates for 35 hours on alkaline and 18 hours on NiCad. Low battery indicator on display. Auto shutoff after 5 minutes of inactivity. Line power USB-C connected to PC or power adapter.

TRANSDUCER: Configuration: Single-element ultrasonic delay line type Various transducers for appropriate applications Connection: LEMO 00 quick-disconnect Cable: 4-foot, environment protected

DISPLAY: LCD type, 4.5 digit, 1/2″ high with selectable backlight ON/OFF/AUTO Battery Check: Low battery indicator Unit Systems: Selectable INCH or MM Bar Graph indicates stability of reading

MEASURING MODES: Interface-to-Echo, Echo-to-Echo (through paint) and Auto-Switchable Four readings per second for single point measurements Eight readings per second in Scan Mode – captures the minimum thickness Single point calibration

FEATURES: Differential Mode: Enter acceptable thickness value, unit will display +/- the difference from that value Alarm Mode: Enter a minimum and maximum acceptable thickness value. If measurement falls outside the HI/LO limits, a Red LED will illuminate and beeper will sound. If measurements is between the HI/LO limits a Green LED will illuminate.

PX-7DL (Data Logging Model, same as above with added features below) Data Output Port: RS232 output sends data to serial printer, PC or other external storage device Automatic Data Logger System, Up to 1,000 reading capacity (10 files of 100 readings per file) Complete with data acquisition software and interface cable

TRANSDUCERS (Recommended for use with these gauges) 15 MHz x 0.30″ Diameter (7.6mm) for Metals and Plastics 0.006″ to 1.000″ in mild steel 20 MHz x 0.30″ Diameter (7.6mm) for Metals and thin Plastics 0.006″ to 0.500″ in mild steel 3/16″ Diameter Cone Tip Delay available

2 year limited warranty

Click for PX-7 & PX-7DL .pdf document

Made in the USA