AMIGO Crack Microgauge

TSC Inspection Systems Ltd. (TSC) developed unique equipment to solve a range of inspection needs, including defect detection, crack sizing, structural monitoring, load measurement and stress mapping. Established in 1984, TSC designs and manufactures advanced instruments for non-destructive testing (NDT) of metallic structures. Our patented ACFM® technology has been widely adopted by leading firms in the oil & gas industry, with further applications in several other sectors. Our products are accredited by international authoritative bodies. We distribute globally to over 40 countries, supporting our customers on a wide range of projects from North Sea asset life extension, to offshore drilling in Brazil, to nuclear power station inspection.

AMIGO “ACFM” Crack Microgauge

ASSISTant Ease-of-Use Features

  • ASSISTant provides a consistent and easy-to-use interface that reduces operator overheads, for example,
  • Has a user friendly button interface, requiring few MS Windows skills and particularly suited to touch screen portable PC’s.
  • Totally automated saving of inspection data and results for audit and review.
  • Mouse/Pen controlled defect marking and sizing.
  • Provides professional inspection reports of inspection data and results.
  • Contains full online illustrated user manual and procedures.

ASSISTant has all applicable functionality provided by the full ASSIST package and is limited to standard (1 Bx and 1 Bz) ACFM probes.

  • Many other features come as standard with the ASSIST family of software.
  • A few of these are outlined below:
  • Automatically controls & configures AMIGO instrument operation.
  • Provides software zoom and ranging facilities for amplified and closer defect analysis.
  • Automated file naming (with date/time stamp).
  • Data files are stored by job code and component description, making searching old data easier
  • Inspection and results can be annotated for auditing and further analysis
  • Is compatible with desktop Microsoft Windows (Win 9x/NT/2000/XP)
  • Supports and records the positions of multiple defects per scan
  • Provides color region marking for anomalous areas (e.g. seam welds, undercuts)

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